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The Doll House Baked Goods Story

It started at The Doll's House

It all started in Stephanie Doll's home kitchen, the origin of the name Doll House Baked Goods.

"I grew up on a farm and we made everything from scratch. We had cows, chickens, pigs, goats, and always a large garden. Our whole family loves to cook, and making everything by hand is always best. I've carried this tradition on in our family, making our own breads, desserts, and everything. A few years back I began offering cupcakes and cakes for events with friends and family, and people loved them. And that's what started it all, making homemade sweets for events."

The orders kept coming in, and Stephanie kept the pace while looking for ways to expand. "I had to re-arrange the kitchen so our Cuisinart and Mixer were always handy. We started buying baking supplies in bulk, keeping the costs down, and got our kitchen certified with the State of Washington as a licensed cottage food vendor. We needed a name, so we took a very literal approach. Doll House Baked Goods."

Soon Doll House Baked Goods arrived at the Country Village Farmer's Market in Bothell. "The Country Village was our first Farmer's Market and we were thrilled. We learned a lot, and we were thankful to be a part of the community market. It was wonderful sharing our recipes with the community."

"We use recipes that have been in our families for generations. We've introduced a few newer items along the way, but the majority of things we bake at Doll House Baked Goods were passed on through our respective families."

And it's those recipes that make Doll House Baked Goods unique as a small bakery, according to Stephanie. "We fill a unique spot in the baking market. Our baked goods primarily use pure flour, butter, eggs, and sugar that do not contain fillers or stabilizers found in most commercial products. During peak produce seasons we use the freshest fruits available for many of our products, buying directly from suppliers in Washington State. This makes our breads, cookies, pies, and cakes the finest in terms of flavor and satisfaction, bringing a taste of home baking to our customers."

When Doll House Baked Goods expanded to several area markets, Stephanie's husband Christopher Doll stepped in to help. "I was a freelance software designer and while I was between jobs Stephanie said to me 'I think if we both work at this it could be something big'. So I started helping out with the farmer's markets, and in the 2015 Holiday season we opened a pop-up shop in the Country Village to sell our baked goods and hot drinks near Santa Claus. It worked out very well for us. Well enough to start looking for a shop of our own."

It wasn't long before an opportunity presented itself in the form of an available store in the Country Village. According to Stephanie "It was a perfect spot but I wasn't sure if we were ready to make the leap to our own store. Our own kitchen was limiting our business so we needed to expand if we really wanted Doll House Baked Goods to work for us."

The Dolls opened Doll House Baked Goods this past July 14th, 2016, and are now offering their whole line of baked goods to the Bothell community. The shop is truly a family effort. Artwork on the chalkboard wall behind the counter includes drawings by by their daughters. Christopher Doll has his artwork featuring astronomy and space scenes, as well as lighthouses from the Pacific Northwest. It always smells amazing in the shop, where they make bread, cookies, pies, and cakes every day for their customers.

"Everywhere I look in the shop I see a part of our family" says Stephanie Doll. "I'm thrilled to be here every day, doing something we love as a family. And we thank everyone in the community and at the Country Village who has welcomed us since our arrival."