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The Story So Far…

It’s just over six months since we opened our new store at The Country Village Shops here in Bothell. It’s been a fantastic six ¬†months and we appreciate all the love and support we have received from our local shoppers here in the area. And to those of you following us on Facebook and Instagram, we appreciate your support as well!

We were worried that maybe this would be too big a leap for us, opening our own shop. So far it’s proven to be a good decision. Our home kitchen was no longer a viable option to keep up with the demand we were seeing at our farmer’s markets and other events.

Doll House Baked Goods is still a small operation, and sometimes the demand we have seen during our busiest times has left us with empty shelves. This may have been the biggest challenge we have faced so far, keeping all of our yummy baked goods stocked at all times. If we’ve been sold out of your favorite items during one of your visits, we are working hard to make sure we’ll have them the next time.

We’re now looking at our upcoming Spring market season. This year we are going to be adding more staff to help us keep up with the demand, more friendly faces in the shop and in our kitchen.

As always you’re welcome to contact us ahead of time to check on your favorite thing, or to place a special order. In the meantime thank you all again for your support and we look forward to seeing you again soon!